Artificial grass is an innovative product substituting natural grass, that can be used on a long term basis. With its equally natural appearance, artificial grass is not only beautiful but also more practical when it comes to maintenance and landscaping.
Artificial Grass lets you enjoy that beautiful ,low maintenance green garden all year long,making it unnecessary to mow,trim or is also environmental friendly and it does not require any watering,which helps save water as well. Is safe for children, animals and environment and meets international standards. A durable and beautiful solution for your garden, balcony or even indoor use !

• Value & Benefit of using Artificial Grass
• Create a more warm & inviting space
• Safe for Your children & pets
• Enviromentally- friendly 
• More hygienic as it does not require dirt or mud
• Easy install
• Suitable alternative in areas with little or no sunlight
• Suitable for indoor & outdoor 
• Long lasting and the colour does not fade easily
• comfortable to walk on even without footwear